About Us

Derived from home industry , in the early 70s was established traditional Balinese handicraft fan named Dewi Ambha or goddess Ambha .
With a serious effort to develop the craft of traditional Balinese fan in a very high competition with other traditional fan craft industry . Goddess Ambha gradually demonstrate the existence and the ability to complete and master the traditional market in Bali fan .
Despite limited resources involves humans and the means of production , we countinually improve the quality of our products to meet market demand at that time came from foreign and domestic tourists .
Early evolution occurred in the early 80s . We started using the machine for the production process . Although not significant , but the real breakthrough for our brave . We have an obsession to produce quality products in a short time , to supply high market quickly .
Today , with a fresh new look and name : Wiracana , there are 60 % of our products are produced by machine . Our products increased dramatically , from 10 fans per day in the 70s , 1000 fans per day . To maintain the quality of our products , we use the latest technologies by adopting advanced technology uses a laser engraver . The result can be seen through our traditional fan products . Our seriousness in running this company is more stable , more than 70 artists involved in the production process , by relying on our latest products , Silk Fan , we can explore international markets such as Spain , Japan , America , Mexico , Fiji , France , Germany , Australia , Italy , and other countries in Southeast Asia .
We still do more innovation to maintain the quality of the product as the only one industry in Bali handicraft fans combine Hi - tech by hand- made . Finally , we are proud to present the traditional fan highest quality craft products made in Bali.